Thursday, November 8, 2007

Quality or Code is the heart of the product

I think the quality is the heart of the product are u agree with me .
As well as I think the Code is the brain of the product.
Quality is the sensor that if u wants to take a decision about what is the product status now can we deliver or in another mean can we release or not.
Can u ask the same question to the code ethics, I don’t think saw.
In another way can the code make effective conversation with you without quality?
For example, call function & say give me specific record stated in DB where the user answers right.
The code know what u want well but he can’t response your request till asking the heart , can we give him that , then he say it’s ok the stored procedures is working well give him what he want.
Ok, the code processing, it’s ok the user is XX you said thank u .
You asked the code again can you raise that user balance by one, thinking &then asking his heart ,can our stored procedure do that ,the heart is pulsate then he say that’s ok the function is very well go ahead to give him what he want, the code respond you & say the user’s balance is raised correctly , do u want anything else, you with happiness behavior say , no thanks.
Can u expect what will happen if we excluded the Code from our story.

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